Mariamma says that none of this came easy. There were so many struggles, so much prayer and fasting, and a lot of faith. As Mariamma prayed and fasted every Wednesday for her family, she prayed that her children would have a deeper vision than her and Thampy. Today they are reaching the untouched and changing people lives. She might have been ridiculed, sent her children to boarding school, and only cooked one curry for them a day, but today the Thampy family are serving the Lord and reaching not only the nation of India but all over the world.  

About Mariamma Thampy



Mariamma Thampy, born on August 1 1949 in Trichur, Kerala Mariamma is the eldest of 4 sisters and 1 brother


Mariamma’s family parents and grandparents were all Christians radically saved from the Hindu religion. They all had a gift with music and God used them extensively across India through other people and their own music writing. Most of the songs that had been written then are still very popular songs, which are sung across India today. Her father’s father was a staunch Hindu. He became a Christian through a missionary, who through one act of kindness helped a child on the street. He was told to leave his house for the sake of the gospel. His ministry included the work with Miriam Booth, founder of the Salvation Army. He translated for her across crusades in India. Mariamma’s mother’s father translated for Sandy Jones at the biggest conventions and crusades across India. He also wrote and translated over 150 songs from Malayalam and Tamil. He also translated the song Amazing Grace to Malayalam.


Mariamma and her family went to a crusade in 1968; she was 19 years old and got saved and baptized by the Grace of God. Mariamma received passion and a burden for the women’s ministry in India that nobody could understand. She went through a lot of ridicule and mockery for her love for Him. She finished her Bachelor of Zoology during this year. Mariamma’s parents wanted her to get married, but wasn’t sure who would want to marry her because of her strong faith. Mariamma said she would soak her pillow with tears at night, praying that she only wants the Lord and she did not want to get married. After a few months her parents realized that the passion and fire she has for the Lord was real. So they prayed for the right man with the same passion and fire for the ministry to marry her.


V A Thampy, Mariamma’s husband became a Christian at a young age and was kicked out of his home. He was so determined to preach the gospel that he would sit in a coconut tree day in and day out preaching to all the workers and villagers. He would walk from village to village spreading the gospel only with the clothes on his back and a mega phone he made out of some scrap metal.  

Mariamma’s dad met Thampy at a convention and asked him to stay with them. He told Thampy about his daughter, Mariamma, and how he needs to find a husband for her as he feels burdend because she is so strong in her faith he knew it will be hard to find a suitable partner for her. Thampy suggested a guy who was studying in America, but was due home soon. Mariamma’s dad said no, he wanted Thampy to marry Mariamma. The Lord confirmed to both of them that were to get married.


After they got married, they had no food and no place to stay. Mariamma said it was a “on the street honey moon”.


Marriamma had Biju in 1971, Bini in 1973, Beena in 1974 and Binu in 1976.

As the children were growing up, nothing could stop her from doing the ministry. She went from house to house, village to village with the children on her back or shoulders. This is how a lot of churches in the villages were found. Mariamma was committed to spread the name of Jesus.

Around the year 1971 to 73, was when a group of college students were radically transformed. This gathering of college students which initially began at Mariamma's home grew into what is now known nation wide as ICPF- Inter-Collegiate Prayer Fellowship. This movement reaches out to young college going adults. They conduct prayer fellowships inside the college campuses where the Good News is shared to many.


In 1976 Ps Thampy started New India Church of God, also known as NICOG. He is the founder and president. During this time a lot of churches were pioneered in the different states of India. He was always traveling and evangelizing.


In 1978 the Lord gave them a place in the city of Karne. A donation of $2000 was given for a property. This property has their house, building for a church and the office for the head quarters of NICOG.

Also, in 1978 Mariamma received the opportunity to study at a Bible school in Australia, Adelaide. She put the girls in a boarding school, Biju and Binu stayed with Thampy.


In 1979 a big crusade they held in the suburb next to where they lived. 50,000 people attended the crusade. During this time the Lord spoke to a couple from Australia who had 3 children, a newly married couple and another couple who had 2 children to stay with them and work in the ministry. Including Mariamma and Thampy and their 4 children, there were 17 people staying in a 2 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms.


Mariamma only did the basic things at home. Nothing could stop her form evangelizing, people got saved everyday. While she was only cooking one basic curry for her family other families were eating 3 or 4 different curries a day. Every one told her that she should stay at home and cook, but the Lord said to her “Mariamma if you do my business I will look after you and the thing you are called for only you can do”. So she continued making only one curry a day and evangelizing every day.

Mariamma says that one of the big reasons she has been able to do what she has done is because of the freedom her husband Thampy has given her. Other husbands would have expected their wives to stay at home. She learnt most of what she knows from him. Thampy had led thousands and thousands to the Lord and has also baptized them. One lady in particular got baptized and her husband was after Thampy and Mariamma to kill them. So many stories like this where they have been persecuted because of their faith and spreading the gospel.  


A lot of miraculous stories took place. Mariamma also received a lot of visions. One of her visions saved a man from committing suicide. Today he is Thampy right hand man. He has 7 children, whom all of them are in the fulltime ministry.  Mariamma says this was all a lot of hard work. So much prayer and fasting. Every night they would take turns to pray from 10 pm to 5am in the morning. Each person would pray for half an hour or so.


In 1983 they started the Women’s Bible College. Within a year they were ready to evangelize in the villages. They would go the different villages 2 by 2. The ladies would rent a place near the different villages. As the women of the villages got saved, they would pray and believe that their husbands would get saved, and they got saved too. These villages consisted of Hindu or idol worship religions. As so many people were getting saved, they started sending pastors and the girls as churches were now being pioneered in the different villages.


In 1986 the Lord opened more doors for them, and they started evangelizing in more cities. After 2 months of evangelizing. The girls who were sent out only over came all the obstacles by praying and the Grace of God.


In 1990 they had planted 450 churches across Kerala. They wanted to spread out to different states across India. They started ministering to people in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

During this time as more people were being saved, their home became like a hospital. Sick people were healed, people were delivered from demons and revival took place. Mariamma’s children never had their own room. They always had to share with people. Mariamma and Thampy decided to buy the property next door to their house for women who are sick as their own house just became to full. One woman came for healing as she was paralyzed. She could not do anything for herself. She was also a beautiful singer. One night as Mariamma was praying for her she delivered 100 demons from her, she was able to write 88 of their names down. Only by Gods grace was she set free. Mariamma prayed and fasted for her day and night because the bondages on the life of this girl were so strong. This room where the lady was delivered became the prayer tower. Every Tuesday, all the women across the ministry pray for India and the different states of India.


A few months later, Mariamma delivered another woman, and the demon asked Mariamma “why are you praying and fasting for India every Tuesday?” Mariamma says that “demons are not scared of theologians, but they are scared of a few ladies sitting and praying on a mat.”  Every Tuesday, until today all the women across NICOG, and Vision Rescue the women pray and fast for India and all the different states and ministries they are involved in.  Mariamma also says “you can’t wait for things just to happen, you need to start then the Lord will provide.”


Family prayer and worship in the morning and the evening was always important. This is where they discussed the importance of Salvation. In 1991 they started sending missionaries across India who spread the gospel and started pioneering more churches.


In 1993 Biju went to London to study Bible College. In 1995 Mariamma receive an invitation to preach at different ladies meeting across America. In 1996 Mariamma graduated from her Masters in Theology and Biju also graduated the same year. Biju pioneered a Bible school in Goa. In July of 96, Beena and Bini both got married a day apart. Neither of them received a dowry as Mariamma and Thampy do not agree with the dowry system in India. Martin, Beena’s husband and Shibu, Bini’s husband were both baptized by Thampy. Over 3000 people attended each of their weddings. They did not have money to pay for the wedding, and with out their knowledge all the guests raised money and paid for the wedding.

Bini and Shibu moved to America as Shibu was living and working there as a chemical engineer. Beena and Martin went to Australia as Martin went to Bible College there.


In 1998 the first class was held at the Bible College in Goa. The Bible College was a multicultural Bible College, for all students across India. They would come from different cultures and languages and they would be taught in English.


In the year 2000, when the Bible college students graduated they were sent to different states of India to preach the gospel. Thampy’s vision from the beginning is to reach the nation of India, India for Christ - Christ for India. Across India, 80% live in villages. The Lord spoke to Thampy and told him to start a mobile team which consisted of a jeep, generator, PA., projector and approximately 7 members. They had no money for this. Thampy fasted and prayed. One day a guy called Thampy from America and told him that he had sold his house and car, and that he wanted to give the money to Thampy. This is how the first mobile team started in the ministry.


During the first year the spent time in 500 villages, reached 1 million people and planted 50 churches. Financially this was hard as they also had to support the mobile team members as they also had families.  Mariamma says they encountered a lot of problems and spiritual warfare, but nothing Jesus has not over come.


One church a week was being planted. They had to search for Pastors as so many people were being saved in the villages. As so many churches were pioneered they started another Bible School in Andhra Pradesh, Hamilton Gunj - border of Nepal and Bhutan. They were also able to spread the gospel in Nepal and Bhutan as they would train the people from there that came to India and send them back.

In 2001 Binu graduated and started a youth movement. He had such a great impact on the youth because of all the input he received from Australia. He also held many youth camps for the youth.


Also, the year 2001 was a really hard year for Mariamma. Her sister, who she was very close with, passed away at the age of 47 years from cancer. In 2002, a few months after her sisters death her mother passed away.


In 2003 another sister of hers was diagnosed and became very ill with cancer. These years were hard, full of tears but only God could help her she says. Mariamma still had to go on with them for ministry and people would still come to her house every day for prayer and deliverance.


Mariamma believes that this brokenness she endured gave fruit to the ministry. She was able to really speak and minister to people from the depths of her heart.


In 2006 another sister of Mariamma’s passed away. This was really a time full of brokenness.

In Dec of 2006 Mariamma started a television program for women called “Manasu Thorakumbol” which means ‘when one opens their heart’. Mariamma has such a heart for women, even from the beginning of her ministry. She wanted to encourage women in their homes, so each week women would come on the television show and testify about their lives. God has used this television ministry in India powerfully and the hearts of thousands of women have been healed. Thousands of calls have been taken, where people have been healed and have come to the Lord. 90% of unbelievers who have watched the show have been saved. There are two women who live with Mariamma and take the phone calls daily. They pray with them and lead them to the Lord.


Recently a man phoned Mariamma and testified. He said for 10 months he could not sleep after the death of his mother. He tried everything. One night he watched Mariamma’s television show, as she was talking about the death of her sister and how she got through all the brokenness. He gave His life to the Lord, and now he can sleep as the Lord has healed his broken heart. He said that every single word she spoke that night on the show was exactly what he needed to hear.


Mariamma evangelized personally by knocking from door to door with her children on her back. She says that today she is sitting in their home talking to them through the television ministry. Wherever she goes across India people recognize her and come up to her and call her “Mama”. They say she is like a mother to them. Mariamma says the Lord has blessed this ministry and has taken it to another level to heal the brokenness of people across India.


In 2007 Bini and Shibu moved to India from America. They had been living in America for 10 years. This was a really big burden for Mariamma as from the time they were born she prayed and fasted every Wednesday for her children to be in the fulltime ministry in India. Shibu’s sister was diagnosed with cancer. He said to the Lord “if I dedicated myself to India, will You please heal her?” Shibu’s sister was miraculously healed from cancer. So they moved back to Kerala and they are now in the fulltime ministry.

In 2008 Mariamma was honored at a Christian Fellowship Ceremony where they choose 5 women across India. Her dad was able to attend. This was a big day for them both as he gave her away with nothing, but was able to see the impact her life has had across India.

Also in 2008 Mariamma wrote a book called “Better than weapons of war” which was sold in India, America, Australia and Canada. Reach Magazine, which is read across the nations of Canada, America, Ireland, Scotland, Singapore and Indonesia, has also had such a great impact on the lives of millions across the world.


Biju and Secu live in Mumbai. They are pastors of the Gateway church, they also work with street children, women in prostitution, and drug addicted men, medical van and soon a dental clinic.


Beena and Martin live in Goa. They are the pastors of the Glorius church. They have 2 orphanages and a school for boys and girls. The also work with HIV affected men and women.


Bini and Shibu live in Kerala. They are overseeing work for the head quarters of NICOG. They have 1 orphanage and are in the process of building another one in Kerala.


Binu and Deena live in Calcutta. Binu has started a street children ministry in Calcutta and is also working with HIV affected children.


Mariamma says that none of this came easy. There were so many struggles, so much prayer and fasting, and a lot of faith. As Mariamma prayed and fasted every Wednesday for her family, she prayed that her children would have a deeper vision than her and Thampy. Today they are reaching the untouched and changing people lives. She might have been ridiculed, sent her children to boarding school, and only cooked one curry for them a day, but today the Thampy family are serving the Lord and reaching not only the nation of India but all over the world.